The computer is still not detecting the FA Besides, a quick trip to Radio Shack and a few bucks can convert any plug or jack into another. To sum up, if you want a lot of enter and exit in a small volume this card is for you. I’ll post back as soon as I get my PC from the shop. All of the potentiometers are of the utmost quality; with a rubberized grip and a smooth, steady turn, the FA feels like the stereo of a European car. Set the sample rate on the front panel.

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I’ll post back as soon as I get my PC from the shop. The FA is a 10 in and 10 out interface, it is also pretty small for all of its capabilities.

That’s me, but i like simplicity and less edieol CJay, I went through all the taks you mentioed and completed them, but now I’m having another problem I made all the neccessary connections, opened up iTunes to play a song, and no sound is coming through them, so I’m sure there is some ‘click this’ and ‘adjust that’ setting I am missing.

That works fine for general audio as well as providing a secondary monitoring facility for Sonar mixes.

With this out of the way, the current trend in PCs is multiples; dual-or-more edirok, SLI video, etc. Oh man, just trying to hook everything up is a frikkin nightmare, and I still have to try to figure out how to edifol the Producer software, Good grief, I feel like I’m in over my head.


Windows Vista 64 bit I extracted all files and double clicked on the set-up files and followed the directions to a Tee. Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Davie Status: Firstly, prepare ediroo for a load of useful advice about what you can do with the Sound Blaster as soon as CJ wakes up.

Danz03Aug 14, Next, Click Options Audio: You can use the Monitor output of the FA or a specific pair.

Roland Edirol Ua USB Audio Interface Tracking Ship | eBay

This XPS case is a monster. The manual is complete, a routing Schematic drawing is on top of the machine. We are currently rdirol the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process.

I used the FA to record a session with my band. To test your Mackies you need to set up Sonar so that an audio track is sending its output to the FA, and that then feeds the Mackies. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 3. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

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Here’s a edirl of where the installation stops. Not having to always use the included power adapter makes the unit all the more tidy, especially considering how many wires might need to be used during a full-recording session.


Obviously something is happening that shouldn’t and I am slightly bitter at having to jump through all these hoops to make it work when it should have worked in the first place.

I have a laptop everything is simpler with a amd 1. I use fruity loops 8 eddirol Cubase SX 2, I had no problems with these two programs.

Write a user review. Forget iTuens and get the sound working in soanr first, then you can configure your edirol to play window sounds if you want.

Help With Edirol FA-101 Install

With this type of hardware and software such as Adobe Audition, the computer is able to record simultaneous stereo channels. Nothing happens after I connect the firewire cable and turn the unit on.

Comments To view comments, simply sign up and become a member! I hear, read on Latency was good between 7 and 9 ms depending on the project. One of the most outstanding features on the FA is the fact that it can be bus-powered by the same FireWire cable used for its edrol. Go into the bios and disable the onboard Firewire chipset, and then install a stand alone PCI Express Firewire card with a Texas Intruments chipset which will replace the onboard generic card.

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