Created 28 February Last update 12 July The drivers main flaw is a little bit of shout, which some have managed to address through modifications. Despite the reduced efficiency, sealed designs are quite popular as they promote a smooth frequency response and excellent cone control which translates into accurate sound reproduction. The table below shows a comparison of the measured results. I wanted to do the sealed enclosure since this would improve the midrange and the bass will be tighter.

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Baffle Step Compensation Circuit. Also, take a look at this thread for FEE modifications.


I wanted to do the sealed enclosure since this would improve the midrange and the bass will be tighter. I had a lot of success with this driver in a Sealed Bipole Speaker Enclosure. Created 12 November Note – this driver has been discontinued and is no longer being produced. The driver is well built and like most Fostex units, it sounds excellent.

Used in the right location, wall loaded and in a smaller room, this speaker has very special sonics which can bring out spectacular mids.


I gave them to him since I can easily build another pair. The Fostex FEE driver is cm 4.

Photograph 03 shows the baffles glued and screwed to the braces. See the modifications and tweaks for the Fostex FEEn fullrange speaker driver for an example. Last update 12 July In addition to the cabinet bracing, small blocks of various sizes and shapes were glued to the inside panels in random and non symmetrical locations to further alter resonances and helped to use up the 1.


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For two FEE drivers, the optimum volume is about 12L. I connected the unfinished speakers without the damping materials to my two Sonic Impact T-Amps.

As a result, loudspeaker placement is generally not critical, but you do want to keep them off of a wall. A Sealed Enclosure, ff127e referred to as an acoustic suspension enclosure, is the simplest form of a speaker box.

However, I chose to go with 23L for aesthetic reasons and to allow fosetx an easy conversion to a T-Line had I been disappointed with the sealed results.

Solid Narra being Planed.

Other ge127e benefits of a sealed enclosure include a much higher attainable SPL and a better overall bass response as the speakers will be coupled with a subwoofer. Additionally, bipoles throw a huge wall of sound which can make them sound very dynamic. Pushing these tiny X max drivers to produce bass tends to cause some loss of cone control, even at low SPL.

The measurements were made at about 22 degrees Celsius. With wall loading within 25 mmfoatex dB was found to be adequate, dB was required in free space, but this speaker really needs wall loading. Last update 17 December Figure 01 shows the calculated frequency response. I do not have the speakers anymore, my brother begged me for them!


The increased room reflections provide a good response off axis and a better sound stage i. While these ratios may not result in aesthetically pleasing fs127e, it is best to keep the internal dimensions from being multiples fowtex any another internal dimension.

This speaker system is suited for small to medium sized room with low to medium powered amplification.

Finally, the four Fostex FEE drivers arrive. I constructed a pair fe1127e small tower sealed bipole speakers using the 4. I elected to go with a bipole enclosure since it eliminates the need for a power grabbing BSC baffle step compensation circuit. My dog is trying to help so we can finish early. A bi-amp speaker terminal was used with one set to the BSC and the other directly to the speaker.