Not so good news, it doesn’t sound very good. Also, if you are not using the TL, try getting one at Radio Shack. A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. Please login or register. They also sell a grabbag thing of npn transistors that is pretty cool for stocking your bench with.

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USMarine75Dec 17, Have you tried any other IC’s in place of the TL to see if you have a bad part?

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Also found a fulltone document that said the output cap was changed from 10uf to 1uf tantalum. KindaFuzzyJan 24, Good news, it worked right out of the box, madhean issues. The change from 10uF to 1uF tantalum could influence the tone a little.

Now that’s what I’d call a resounding review. You should have 9 on pi8, 0v on pin4 and around 4. The TL is a TL with a higher noise spec. Log in or Sign up. Looks like your voltages are okay on the IC.


Search Media New Media. Jan 24, 8. Great boards at a great price for sure. There’s lots of build reports and other info for both here: Search Media New Media.

Given the big difference you are noticing, you could make some alterations to suit your taste.

I didn’t even notice the Klon board. I’ve built his Zendrive and Box of Rock clones; both came out fine. I can’t really do a cranked demo right now but hopefully tomorrow I can do one.

Egodriver – fulltone OCD

KnightBrolaireDec 17, I replaced it with OPA which is a little better. I am going to try swapping the op amp for something a little more hi-fi and see if that helps. It doesn’t have enough gain for my typical sound, but it is too masbean for a typical metal sound boost. Do you already have an account?

I think I definitely need to pick one up!

Mad Bean DIY Pedals | The Gear Page

I ended up just tying the mosfet in on the component side and it is holding and working fine like that. Where are you guys getting your parts from? Plus the build instructions are really nice too.


Also, mxdbean you are not using the TL, try getting one at Radio Shack. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. To be honest, I’ve never actually tried an OCD as a boost. Usually knob placement might be a little different but they are identical.

Works for nearly every genre with nearly every kind of rig.

Any Fulltone OCD fans? ShaskDec 16,