Doesn’t appear to have a D. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Spencer’s stuff. Love the “colour” switch. Does anybody have a recommendation one way or the other? Add to your Watched Users. The most useful thing I’ve found about the Sansamp besides the DI is that you can turn down all the knobs and use it as a mute switch. DiMarco , Feb 27,

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MXR M vs Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. | Harmony Central

I was considering the Sansamp but have read good things about the MXR and like the fact that it has a mids knob and distortion switch. But versatility is not its strong suit. And “more” is really where the Sansamp shines. I can’t get all too techinical but it’s a soli unit and does what it sais on the tin.

The distortion works great without sucking the bass out of the tone although I’ve yet to use it in the gospel music that I’m currently involved inI don’t think the Sansamp has a dedicated distortion circuit. May 6, Messages: Sansamp BDDI has a subpar eq section and subpar overdrive.


MXR M-80 vs Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI.

Both really good preamps and ultimately a matter of personal choice. I’m not sure if the Sansamp has a noise gate, but that’s something you might want to check out. No, create an account now.

ChrisKJan 21, You have a mid scoop sound only when you turn that pot to the right. Resist the urge to start “gig pic” “bass face” and “family photo” threads. You’ll never have to second-guess your decision or wonder whether you should have gotten a sansamp.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Spencer’s stuff. The Ashdown doesn’t appear to have a d. Have never played the m but I have the three channel sansamp and I absolutely love it. I went with the M80 as I expected to most often be using a clean sound and it is essentially two channels allowing you to switch the grit in and out.

Salotti Sep 10, In all funtions it works well. The SansAmp DI is a fantastic pedal. My favorite feature on the M is the color switch, which smooths out the EQ.


Does anybody have a recommendation one way or the other? You’ll be using the exact same box used on all the records that were recorded with a sansamp.

In short, I can’t help you out, but I’m confused to why you want one. Would my plan be good, or should i keep my ODB-3? Doesn’t appear to have a D.

SansAmp Vs. MXR M? What is better? – MusicPlayer Forums

Having the mid control on the MXR was another factor in my decision. Sonically, I much prefer the SansAmp. Check pqra sidebar, the FAQ, and search for your answer before making a post.

I’ve tried both and like most here chose the MXR. Yes it fattens up the tone but for me it adds too much of a mid scoop.

If you are looking for a pedal that will add grit to your tone, grab something different. Love the “colour” switch.